Prepare & Plan for Commercial Drones

Commercial drones are creating new opportunities for enterprises, SMBs, and nonprofits to innovate their business models. They're optimizing last-mile deliveries, transporting urgent medical supplies, inspecting critical infrastructure, and improving search and rescue efforts. There are many benefits to launching a commercial drone operation, but where do you begin?

The process can feel daunting, and understandably so. The burden typically falls on drone operators to manually evaluate the airspace, plan their flight paths, and avoid hazards in-flight. But this approach isn’t scalable.

Fortunately, technology advancements in AI and blockchain are making it possible to eliminate the manual workflows and enable safe, autonomous operations. Our compressive guide will cover what’s required to deploy, manage, and scale a commercial drone operation and how next-gen technologies can help simplify the process.


SkyGrid eBook: Commercial Drones

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What's inside:


Understand Operator Responsibilities

An overview of what’s required of commercial operators before launching a drone program.


Set Corporate Security Standards

How to set safety standards to ensure all your drone operators are following the same rulebook.


Get Authorized to Operate Drones

The options to request airspace authorization for commercial drone operations. 


Evaluate Technology Needs

Guidance on the tools and information that can give businesses more legal and safety assurances.


Develop Risk Management Strategies

An overview of risk management strategies to ensure aircraft safety and security. 


Ensure Systemwide Auditability

How to ensure you’re equipped to share accurate, up-to-date flight plans with airspace authorities.